Thanksgiving 2017

We drove to Ohio for Thanksgiving to be with the Dake/Marshall clan. It is a long drive especially when you have a crazy anxious 70lb German Shepherd in the back seat coupled with standstill traffic! Yikes! 

We had a great time being together for the few days we were there. When you are there for just a short time you try to do everything you can in a little bit of time you have. 


Thanksgiving 2017

Bruce, Noah, Doris, Ron, Becky, Bernie, Laura & Luger


Wednesday was a great evening spent with Bernie’s siblings, nieces, nephew and grandniece! Our niece Liz and her husband Eric revealed to us that they were having a boy and his name is going to be Nolan Ellis! 


We had a lovely Thanksgiving meal served by the hostess of the century...Doris (Mom Dake) with a surprise for Dad...a graham cracker cream pie from his favorite place in Hornell NY. Bruce, Bernie’s brother, was very thoughtful and went out of the way to pick it up. It was a great surprise and we were all able to share it. ;)

Our niece Jen brought over the newest “grand pup” so that Luger could meet him and have a play date. Luger was very good with him and Aspen wasn’t so sure. But someday in the very near future, Aspen will be bigger than Luger. It was so much fun for me. German Shepherd pups are my fav! 


We spent half the day in Wooster, first at Sure House coffee with the family. I loved this place! Quant, modern, great coffee and AMAZING #cretzels They are a croissant pretzel filled with chocolate or cinnamon sugar. Oh my! I need to learn how to make those! Later that afternoon we had lunch with our friends Brett & Jessica and their family at Gouda Bar & Grill. Great time catching up. Thankful they had some time to spend with us because they are Salvation Army officers in Ashland OH. 

Saturday we left to go back home. We drove all they way taking turns driving. Grateful that we beat the holiday traffic. 

All in all a great time with family.

P.S. Thanks for the venison Ed! ;)

P.S.S. I missed my family!

#lifewithLuger | Growing Up Fast

Life with Luger is awesome. Challenging. Frustrating. Beautiful. He knows how to push my buttons and pull my strings and then he wants to be close to you. Cuddle with you. Fall asleep near you. Love you!

It's hard not to compare him to Osa. Let's be honest, it's hard not calling him Osa. She was with us for so many years. I do it all the time ;) He has his own personality and I love him more every day. He is definitely all boy as I have heard so many mother's say who have boys. My mother said the other day, if my brother came first I may never have come to being. ;)

He is growing so fast. My parents had him last week while we were out of town and I couldn't believe how much he grew. We take him Friday to the vet and it will be interesting to see how much more he weighs from the last time, which was three weeks ago.

It's nice having a furry kid back in our house!

#lifewithLuger | Week 1

Well, we survived week one with Luger. It has been an adjustment for all of us. Sleep deprived. Running around making sure he does get into something he shouldn't. Or do something inside that should be done outside. Puppies cannot be trusted. 😜

Life for Luger has been turned upside down. He was one of ten puppies. For eight weeks he has been with his siblings and breeder. Then one day he was taken from his surroundings, all he knows. We are working through separation anxiety. He is very attached to me. My little shadow which is awesome because I love him already but he doesn't like the crate because he knows that we will be leaving him. So that is our challenge! Other than that, he is a good boy and we are happy to have him as part of our family. 

Two years?

Where has the time gone? Two years, how can that be?  

There still isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you. Sometimes it still doesn't feel real. The other day I was thinking about you and then reality hit me that I will never see you in the flesh again. You aren't just a phone call away. 

The legacy of your life lives on through the people that love you. You were a living testimony and I talk about you to people and I share your testimony.  

Tomorrow will be a day of mixed emotions. There will be sadness because we miss you so much. There is also rejoicing because two years ago you met Jesus. Face to face. What could be better than that? 

April 8 is a significant day in the Dake house. We are bringing our German shepherd puppy, Luger home after two years of Osa has being gone. We will be together getting to know our pup and reminiscing about you. There was never a dull moment with you. We are better people because of having you in our lives so there will be tears and laughter.

I miss you Doug! I am so lucky to have had you as my brother. You were simply the best! 

Photo credit: Digital Memories by Debbie Koehler

Photo credit: Digital Memories by Debbie Koehler


It has been a year and half since our girl went to "doggie heaven." We miss her so much and on a day that is "nationally" set aside for our four legged babies, how could I not think of Osa. I love how dogs infiltrate you life and heart. You will always be in my heart Osa and I will never forget how you affected my life. 

Photo Credit: Digital Memories by Debbie Koehler 

Photo Credit: Digital Memories by Debbie Koehler 

First Anniversary | Osa

A year ago today our best friend for almost 16 years went to heaven.

The night before, I laid on the floor next to her all night trying to comfort her. She cried all night and so did I. I knew what was going to happen and I didn't want to let her go. That would be cruel and selfish of me. She had been a best friend, so loyal and gave unconditional love! 

I have to say that vet was amazing! The doctors are wonderful and sensitive. The moment was very peaceful and that's what I wanted for her.

Osa is missed in the spaces of this house, in our every day moments and there is a huge void in our hearts! She was bossy, protective, my shadow and such a sweet girl. I miss her so much. 

Last year was a difficult year and this year will be too because it is the year of first anniversaries. 

First puppy red collar ❤️ 

First puppy red collar ❤️