The Gunshow Experience

I love when we get to spend time with our friends Jeff and Sheena. Besides having a great time together we love "good" food and the dining experience. We went to a restaurant that has been on my list for some time now called Gunshow

Chef Kevin Gillespie’s restaurant, Gunshow, offers a bold, new take on the traditional dining experience. Inspired by Brazilian churrascaria-style dining and Chinese dim sum, Kevin combined the two for a decidedly fun and delicious result. Dishes are presented on rolling carts and trays to diners at their tables where they can then choose what to order. Pricing is a la carte.

The menu changes constantly and the kitchen is highly visible. You can watch the chefs at work creating art on a plate.

Here are photos of some of the food we had. We had our favorites! the Crispy Beef Short Rib, Onion & Cheese Tart, Handmade Tortellini and the Roaster Diver Scallops. Of course we had to try dessert, so we had Banana Pudding. My least favorite and it confirmed that I don't really like them were the Oysters.

📸  Laura Dake (photos 1-4)
📸  Sheena Marquis (photos 5-7)

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I have posted a photo every day for the last 36 days. I haven't always been good about putting them up on my blog. Sometimes there isn't really a story to write about. Sometimes I take a certain photo because I'm participating in a photo challenge, sometimes it's something I have seen or experienced.

Here is a collection of photos from the last week or so.

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So far so good. I have kept this up for 6 days!

Last night we met our friends Jeff and Sheena and their son, Caed for dinner. They were on their way home to Florida after Christmas vacation. Since they were going to be in Atlanta it would've been a shame if we couldn't see each other. We met in Atlantic Station at Rosa Mexicano. They do a great guacamole table side.  

It was so good to be with them and have a meal, to be able to catch up since our vacation to New York City in September. Caed has grown so much since then. He is so interactive! So fun! Love hIm!

Auntie Laura and Caed.jpg
Rosa Mexicano.jpg

We are all busy with our families, work, schedules and sometimes are just tired, but it's important to make time for those people who mean so much.

Grateful for special friends!


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Christmas Eve, I was in Atlanta doing a little project. It was a beautiful warm day in December. Unusual. But so lovely! As I was heading back to my car, I turned around and took a photo of Skyview Atlanta. Because it was so warm and it was Christmas Eve, families were taking the opportunity to be together, outside and enjoy the sights Atlanta has to offer.

I remember the year Doug died, my sister, Melissa came to visit us and we went on Skyview Atlanta. At times we were a little freaked out but then we started laughing asking, "What would Doug do?" He would have had that car swinging back and forth. He would be laughing with that infectious laugh of his and I would've been yelling at him to stop.

Good times. Special memories. Never forgotten. Always loved.

photo credit: lauradake

photo credit: lauradake

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It has been dark and rainy in Atlanta for days. It is dreary and depressing. I need sunshine to function. It stormed last night and trying to get your dog to outside and do it's business is nearly impossible. 

This morning the rain subsided and on my way to work it was so good to see blue sky peeking through the clouds, if even for a moment.  It is still pretty cloudy but it is so refreshing when the suns pokes through and lightens up my office on my first day back from vacation.

photo credit: lauradake

photo credit: lauradake