#ATLUTD Unite & Conquer

Last night we went with a few friends to the Atlanta United MLS Soccer match at the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The stadium is gorgeous and offers an amazing fan experience. 

Unfortunately, the boys in red and gold lost but we have already qualified for the MLS Cup Playoffs in their inaugural season! So exciting! Next year we will have to go to more games!

Eatonton, Georgia

I’m a city girl at heart. I didn’t grow up in a big city but having lived in Washington DC and Atlanta, I have enjoyed all that a big city has to offer.

Yesterday we travel 90 minutes east of Atlanta to Eatonton on Lake Oconee for a beautiful wedding. When we were driving to the church, we drove through the center of town where there was a huge festival happening on a perfect day. The church was exactly what I expected.

It was great spending time with friends celebrating love.




The Gunshow Experience

I love when we get to spend time with our friends Jeff and Sheena. Besides having a great time together we love "good" food and the dining experience. We went to a restaurant that has been on my list for some time now called Gunshow

Chef Kevin Gillespie’s restaurant, Gunshow, offers a bold, new take on the traditional dining experience. Inspired by Brazilian churrascaria-style dining and Chinese dim sum, Kevin combined the two for a decidedly fun and delicious result. Dishes are presented on rolling carts and trays to diners at their tables where they can then choose what to order. Pricing is a la carte.

The menu changes constantly and the kitchen is highly visible. You can watch the chefs at work creating art on a plate.

Here are photos of some of the food we had. We had our favorites! the Crispy Beef Short Rib, Onion & Cheese Tart, Handmade Tortellini and the Roaster Diver Scallops. Of course we had to try dessert, so we had Banana Pudding. My least favorite and it confirmed that I don't really like them were the Oysters.

📸  Laura Dake (photos 1-4)
📸  Sheena Marquis (photos 5-7)

Page 3 of 365

It has been dark and rainy in Atlanta for days. It is dreary and depressing. I need sunshine to function. It stormed last night and trying to get your dog to outside and do it's business is nearly impossible. 

This morning the rain subsided and on my way to work it was so good to see blue sky peeking through the clouds, if even for a moment.  It is still pretty cloudy but it is so refreshing when the suns pokes through and lightens up my office on my first day back from vacation.

photo credit: lauradake

photo credit: lauradake

All things new

I saw this prompt and it made me think about the last year or so of my life. I think most of the time you have no control over your circumstances. This past year and a half has been a very difficult year. I have had to deal with more loss than someone should have to deal with. 

I often say, I can only take one day at a time and some days are harder than others but I can't let those bad days define me. 

(my friend commented on my post and she read in a devotional that you can let your circumstances refine you or define you. Thought it was a great perspective on things.)

New roads, new days...all things new