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So far so good. I have kept this up for 6 days!

Last night we met our friends Jeff and Sheena and their son, Caed for dinner. They were on their way home to Florida after Christmas vacation. Since they were going to be in Atlanta it would've been a shame if we couldn't see each other. We met in Atlantic Station at Rosa Mexicano. They do a great guacamole table side.  

It was so good to be with them and have a meal, to be able to catch up since our vacation to New York City in September. Caed has grown so much since then. He is so interactive! So fun! Love hIm!

Auntie Laura and Caed.jpg
Rosa Mexicano.jpg

We are all busy with our families, work, schedules and sometimes are just tired, but it's important to make time for those people who mean so much.

Grateful for special friends!