First Anniversary | Osa

A year ago today our best friend for almost 16 years went to heaven.

The night before, I laid on the floor next to her all night trying to comfort her. She cried all night and so did I. I knew what was going to happen and I didn't want to let her go. That would be cruel and selfish of me. She had been a best friend, so loyal and gave unconditional love! 

I have to say that vet was amazing! The doctors are wonderful and sensitive. The moment was very peaceful and that's what I wanted for her.

Osa is missed in the spaces of this house, in our every day moments and there is a huge void in our hearts! She was bossy, protective, my shadow and such a sweet girl. I miss her so much. 

Last year was a difficult year and this year will be too because it is the year of first anniversaries. 

First puppy red collar ❤️ 

First puppy red collar ❤️