#lifewithLuger | Growing Up Fast

Life with Luger is awesome. Challenging. Frustrating. Beautiful. He knows how to push my buttons and pull my strings and then he wants to be close to you. Cuddle with you. Fall asleep near you. Love you!

It's hard not to compare him to Osa. Let's be honest, it's hard not calling him Osa. She was with us for so many years. I do it all the time ;) He has his own personality and I love him more every day. He is definitely all boy as I have heard so many mother's say who have boys. My mother said the other day, if my brother came first I may never have come to being. ;)

He is growing so fast. My parents had him last week while we were out of town and I couldn't believe how much he grew. We take him Friday to the vet and it will be interesting to see how much more he weighs from the last time, which was three weeks ago.

It's nice having a furry kid back in our house!

#lifewithLuger | Week 1

Well, we survived week one with Luger. It has been an adjustment for all of us. Sleep deprived. Running around making sure he does get into something he shouldn't. Or do something inside that should be done outside. Puppies cannot be trusted. 😜

Life for Luger has been turned upside down. He was one of ten puppies. For eight weeks he has been with his siblings and breeder. Then one day he was taken from his surroundings, all he knows. We are working through separation anxiety. He is very attached to me. My little shadow which is awesome because I love him already but he doesn't like the crate because he knows that we will be leaving him. So that is our challenge! Other than that, he is a good boy and we are happy to have him as part of our family.