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Going to DWTS Live Tour seems to be a yearly event that my mom and I do. We have seen Dancing With the Stars on tour twice and Maks and Val Tour last spring. We watch on TV during the season and it is a fun event to see them live. It is a beautiful evening spent with my mom. I love her, btw!

This year it was at the Fox Theatre instead of Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre. We sat near the front of the first balcony so this year I brought my professional camera instead of relying on my iPhone. I was really pleased at how this photos came out. 

Ballet Magnificat!

I am fascinated with the movement of dance whether it is ballet, ballroom or Latin. It takes phenomenal physical and mental strength.

One of the evening programs this year at the Territorial Music Camp (TMI) was a group from Jackson, MS called Ballet Magnificat!

Magnificat is Latin for "to magnify Him".  It is derived from "Mary's Song" of praise in the 1st Chapter of the the Gospel of Luke when she first learned she was to be the mother of the Messiah. Ballet Magnificat! is an arts organization dedicated to presenting the good news of Jesus Christ to the whole world.

They came to Texas the day before. They ate meals with us, they worked with the Creative Arts groups and they presented a beautiful story, Deliver Us.

I always get nervous when people are expecting great photos from me. Many times I don't have the confidence in my ability to take the poor lighting conditions for a photographer and work the camera settings in such a way to achieve something great. I was quite surprised at the results. Some shots are lucky and some take patience. Holding the camera up to your face for what feels like forever anticipating the movements of the dancers.

These people are awesome and display the story of the gospel in a beautiful moving way.