1. a bodily state characterized by minimal functional and metabolic activities

2a. freedom from activity or labor
  b.  a state of motionlessness or inactivity

3. a place for resting or lodging

4. peace of mind or spirit

A tough year for this family. A year ago March, Doug went in for back pain. A muscle spasm.  It wasn't a muscle spasm. News far worse. He was diagnosed with Stage 4 Esophageal cancer. He fought hard and in April he entered heaven. He lives with Jesus! He is no longer in pain and is a perfect soul.

Sitting with my brother and family for eleven straight days wondering if this was the day God was going to take him home was the most difficult time in my life...I dare say for all of us.

I came home after two weeks. Straight back to work. I thought it would keep my mind busy. No. There were issues at work with vendors and deadlines that I could hardly deal with. Bernie had been traveling. I was home alone because this year our precious Osa also went to heaven. The pressures were weighing so heavy on me that I felt suffocated. I couldn't give any more of myself and I couldn't take anything from one more person. If I didn't get away, I was ready to quit my job. I needed a rest...from everything. I wanted no responsibilities. I needed sunshine. I need the beach. Palm trees!

We went to my friend house near Destin, FL. It was an amazing six days of rest and relaxation. My mind free from the daily grind. Days where I sat in the park, looking out across the bay, starring up at the blue skies. Time to cry. Time to read. Time on a boat. Absolutely perfect.

Thank you Jon, Hillary and Marcus and of course Kayla.

We came home for one day and went to visit Scott, Anthony and Meagan. Good friends. Family. Scott's wife, Jennifer is deployed in Afghanistan for nine months. She is a helicopter pilot. I haven't been to their new house yet and it was great opportunity to spend time with them. Once again, nothing planned...just relaxing.

They have a in ground pool and my way of relaxing is to lay on a float and falling asleep on the water. I love the way the sun feels on my skin.

I really miss Osa and the companionship a dog gives...unconditional love. They have Chloe and she is an amazing dog. I can't wait to get another puppy :)

Rested. Still praying for peace & calm.