We lived outside of Washington, DC 14 years ago. September 11, will be one of those days that will be etched in my mind for the rest of my life. This is probably one of those tragedies (besides the Space Shuttle Challenger) that I can say, "I remember where I was when..."

We walked the grounds of the Pentagon that very first evening serving with The Salvation Army. The wall collapsed earlier in the day and it just didn't seem real. I remember seeing the workers that had working dogs sitting on the ground completely exhausted. Being a huge dog lover, I was attracted to these workers and their four legged companions. The Salvation Army band played at multiple church services offered at Camp Unity where The Army continued to serve weeks after.

Just last weekend we went to New York City. We didn't have time to take in the tourist sites but as we were driving to Brooklyn, we could see One World Trade Center. I took a few shots from the car with my iPhone hoping for at least one good shot.

We also went to Eagle Rock Reservation in Orange, NJ. It has amazing views of the New York City skyline. Breathtaking! They also have a 9-11 Memorial there with statues and the names of lives lost that day. There is also a piece of steal beam from the Twin Towers.

As my friend reminded me, today we just don't remember those we lost, but we need to remember we survived and we are still building!

Photo credit: lauradake