Christmas 2017

Thankful that God sent his son to be born as our Savior! Grateful that we were able to spend this Christmas with family and that my parents live close enough to us that we are able to do that.  

I am reminded of those special people who are no longer with us.

I miss my brother so much. He was such a huge personality and he leaves a massive void in our lives. He now celebrates with the Father in heaven. This photo was the last Christmas we spent together four years ago.


This Christmas I also missed my sister-in-law, Melissa. We don’t get to see each other very much but she is still part of our family and I love her very much. #sistersforlife 


And then there’s grandma! She was a strong woman who loved the Lord. She also is in heaven. Two years ago we went to Ohio for Christmas to be with Bernie’s family and to spend time with grandma. (It was Bernie’s idea!) I am so glad we did that because she died the following March. 


It has been a great day! I hope your Christmas was just as wonderful!