Ordinary Beauty

Partnering with my friend Debby Hudson this month on her Ordinary Beauty writing challenge. 

I had a chance to travel this summer. I went to London and Paris. I love Paris! The architecture and food are amazing! I love to go to new places. Experience cultures, architecture and food. But those photos are for another post. Today is about ordinary beauty. 

A few weeks ago I went with a family to take their annual family photos. Four years and counting. We went to a very familiar place to me. A beautiful park here in Georgia called Stone Mountain. Stone Mountain is only a couple miles from where I live. After we were done, I stayed and captured some of the natural beauty.

I absolutely love it. There are walking trails. You can climb up Stone Mountain...literally a huge granite rock! You can walk the 5 mile course around the base of the mountain. When you do that you see the beautiful lake. In the morning you can witness the sunrise and the water just glistens. Keep walking and the road goes a little to the right and then to the left. The road goes up, up, up. Your legs are burning waiting for the road to level out. Then the downhill! 

There are so many beautiful nooks and crannies and sights and sounds. A place where you can find quite...right in the middle of this metropolitan city and suburbs we call Atlanta. A place where you can mediate on the beauty that God created for us to enjoy. 

You don't always have to travel to another time zone or country to experience the beauty that surrounds us. 

"As as the beauty of nature is constant; so is God who made it."