Love wins!

Easter has always had significant meaning for me. A day that stirs my heart to think about what God did for us. For me. Amazing!

In my reflection, I wonder. Do I live a life worthy of the sacrifice? The beating. The torture. The nails. The thorns. Probably not but I am always moved to be a better person. The person, the child, God intended me to be. 

I was excited for Sunday. It was going to be a warm day. A sunny day. A day I consider to be perfect.  I was apprehensive to go to church. Everybody would be there. The entire cadet body  and staff would be there which meant the seat I usually sit in would be occupied by someone else. There would be visitors. None of which would know me or my story.

I slipped in late to the sunrise service. I had to stop for coffee :) I sat in the back not to draw attention to myself. I tried to avoid people in between the services. I didn't want to be bombarded with the question, "how are you doing?"

Easter will never be the same for me. For my family. There is another level of meaning. One of heartache and dare I say rejoicing. Doug is with Jesus. We should be jealous. But it is also bittersweet because we miss him so much in the physical.

The worship was awesome! It was the way I like to worship.  There were many "non-traditional" worship songs and I love that. I love to hear Sheena sing so sweet and pure. I was deeply moved. 

The theme was Love Wins.  Everything was based around the song by Marty Mikles for transMission entitled Love Wins. The words of this song spoke to me and the tears streamed down my face. Death is dead, sin defeated. Our God has won! 

The vision of Doug entering heaven, a perfect being, living eternity with our Savior was more than my mind could comprehend and that thought was so overwhelming. I could not contain the emotion.


photo credit: lauradake 

photo credit: lauradake 

In the end, when death has come and taken us away. And life is lived beyond the years no longer in death's sway. When time is over, these bodies worn, and we all shed this skin. This is how it ends, Love wins.

We will stand before God's throne, judged by the things we've done. Then, in His mercy, pardoned if we were known by His Son. And enter in the blessed rest for every victor crowned. This is how it ends, Love wins.

Go to to listen. Your heart will be blessed. Thank you Marty Mikles for your gift of music.